Beginning with an Anglican church in Kigali, two part time Upward trained leaders, some simple soccer t-shirts, a few soccer balls and a lot of excited kids, the first KSA/Upward leagues were started. The opportunity for significant ministry growth is now before us, as we wait and depend on God’s favor to serve more churches, pastors, families and children.

The financial gifts to KSA since 2009, have been invested to reach to as many kids as possible:

  • Shipping over 3,500 Upward USA – donated youth soccer shirts
  • Purchase and shipping of quality soccer balls
  • Training of local lay church leaders and pastors, as coaches and organizers, based on Upward USA methods and principles
  • Printing and distribution of Upward-modeled leaders’ and coaches’ manuals

Foundational for KSA is the vision of local churches to recognize the spiritual value of an Upward-modeled ministry for evangelism, character development and church growth. And a commitment to become self-sustaining for long term community impact for their children and families.

Since beginning a partnership in 2014 with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) in Rwanda, KSA has been able to move out from our initial work in Kigali with great pioneer leaders, Ben Byiringiro and Oliver Ndarwubatse, to many of the country’s regions. There has been enthusiastic response from from local pastors, who are excited to have this popular new resource for connecting with their towns and villages.

Going forward, we are learning from each other what works well in Rwanda – and possibly other countries of Africa. Thousands of free Upward USA youth shirts are being made available to KSA, but currently we lack the funds to pay for shipping and container costs. We also have a great need for quality/durable soccer balls that will hold up for the new teams and leagues now being launched. Please consider joining the KSA support team.