School and Orphanage

In October 2019, KSA was asked to provide Upward soccer start-up help to a small Christian school and orphanage near Nairobi, Kenya. Shirts, balls and leadership manuals were packed, and hand delivered by a church mission team from Texas! Approximately 100 kids are in the first league.

Summer 2019

“On the coast of western Kenya, over 400 kids in several churches have participated in Upward-modeled soccer, under the leadership of Pastor James Wanje with Sowing Seeds of Joy. KSA provided his soccer sports ministry with durable leather soccer balls.

A Blessed 2018!

In addition to the continued success of Upward supported ministry programs in Kigali, KSA has had the opportunity to grow in local churches in several Rwanda districts. In November 2018, 14 pastors and local church leaders met to pray for the Upward soccer ministry, discuss goals and needs, and report on God’s blessings via their ...

Malindi Soccer

KSA is working with Sewing Seeds of Joy in Kenya, providing durable leather soccer balls. This is the two teams of Pastor Felix’s church, located in the coastal town of Malindi, Kenya.

Kenya Outreach

Rwanda’s neighboring country of Kenya now has an Upward-modeled soccer ministry in the town of Malindi on its east coast. Under the leadership of pastor James Wanji, director of Sowing Seeds of Joy, 2017 ended with over 100 kids ( 7 teams) playing in an Upward modeled league. KSA helped in late 2017 with the ...

55 Teams Playing in Kigali

January, 2017  At the end of 2016, 38 coaches and volunteers were directing Upward modeled soccer programs in six church leagues in Kigali, with 480 kids playing in 55 teams.

From the Hatarro District, Rwanda

November, 2016  A new KSA league with four teams has been started , with two Baptist churches participating. Pastor Rugulla says “we had 46 youth who did the first games with us. Some families did come also”.

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